An Asian style garden becomes an outdoor sanctuary that nurtures a contemplative spirit and softly breathes a cooling calm. This meditative garden of tranquility and harmony disperses an air of enlightenment while unfolding a serene peace into the minds of those who enter. A respective air of wisdom emanates from the balance of simplicity and attention to detail. If you enjoy a contemplative walk or long philosophical discussions, or simply the aura of Asian beauty, then an Asian garden can fulfill your landscaping and spiritual needs.

In an Asian garden, a minimalistic style is harmonized with fluid asymmetrical lines. Every seed, rock and ornament is precisely placed with great forethought. The Asian garden is always impeccably landscaped with simple elements and a reverence for depicting the great in the small. Mountains are visible in stones, oceans can be heard in a drop of water, and forests are viewed through one simple tree.

Color is not boastful in an Asian garden. There is a lucid calm in flowering fruit trees whispering their beauty amongst the tranquil greens and grays of towering bamboo, hostas, ferns and ornamental grasses, while brighter colors fan out gracefully with the seasons. Forms are possibly even more significant in reaching Asian elegance than color. Japanese maple, azaleas and rhododendrons can be pruned to perfection to display the telling lines of Asia's historical influence in the fine arts and garden design.

Bamboo is certainly a necessary element in Asian gardens. Living bamboo should flourish, and the garden's architectural design should include bamboo as well. Bamboo archways, gates, trellises, pergolas, benches and living fences can all contribute to the architectural form of your Asian garden.

Water is fundamental to life – and to Asian garden design. There are limitless ways to create a bamboo water spout to trickle water over rocks, pebbles, or into stone bowls. By simply rearranging the rocks or pebbles, you can change the sound of the water stream. Stone fountains, carefully arranged waterfalls, or a strikingly still pond reflecting the moonlight can all evoke the spiritualness of this transcendent source of life.

Along the serene garden path, rock sculptures, stone Japanese lanterns, bonsai trees and Japanese potted plants should fluidly carry the Asian influence. The garden can be further embroidered with a patio table and chairs elegantly distinguished with oriental centerpieces, fabrics and design, carefully set with tea cups that welcome guests to sip their worries away on.

If you're longing for a meditative sanctuary and respect the seriousness of Asian influence in garden design, creating an inspirational Asian garden will build you a spiritual retreat to welcome you whenever the wisdom of nature beckons. An Asian garden plan should not be rushed, and it will require a higher level of upkeep and frequent attention – requirements a serious gardener would enjoy. Look within yourself, and if an Asian garden is where your heart is directed, then let your body and spirit start making things grow.